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I guess I had the best childhood anyone could ever ask for: I grew up in Malaysia. I just reestablished contact with two friends, Suvi and Mara, from my first school there (Alice Smith.) Among other things, it made me realize that I didn't have a page on Malaysia, so here it is!
Picture of me in Malaysia when I was about ten.

James Hall, where I live.
My New Home
I'm currently on a one-year exchange program at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, Connecticut, where I'm staying at the crem de la crem of dorms, James Hall. Here are some pictures of the suite, my room, my suite-mates and even one of my closet! Oh yes, and then there's Albert...

An American Tale
I've abandoned the diary idea -- instead, here are some pictures of friends and places from the US.
Cute picture of Heather Vinci

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